The first feature to be released out of TUX’s new film division, an addition that makes the agency truly unique in the market.

80 minutes of pure storytelling.

A passion for storytelling meets a desire to demonstrate our expertise and ability to support our clients in all forms of content creation; from photo to video, from pre-roll through to feature film.

We’ve put our skills to the test with the format that doesn’t forgive. Bells and whistles can attract your attention for 30 seconds, but a feature film is all about establishing a real connection with the viewers and making them feel something they’ll want to talk about for days or possibly years.

Shot with a phone and a GoPro.

We imagined a film that would appear to be captured entirely by its main character. Throughout the movie, there are no traditional establishing shots, no convenient ‘God camera’, no cinematic intervention other than the ones carefully ‘imagined and crafted’ by Daniel, the main character.

We took on this gamble of shooting the main character’s point of view with the very devices that epitomize modern day life, knowing that this stylistic choice could either make it or break it for the movie.

The response speaks for itself.

12 nominations and 7 international awards

iFeel has already picked up 12 nominations and won 7 awards at international film festivals, including the Grand Public Award at the Santa Monica CATE Film Festival, along with Best Editing and Best Cinematography prizes received at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London and the Toronto ReelHeART Film Festival.


TUX - iFeel - Trailer


A modern story about capturing happiness.

On the verge of his 35th birthday, Daniel finds himself questioning his modern New Yorker lifestyle. As he embarks on a personal journey in search of stillness, he starts challenging everything around him. Through the lens of his smartphone, he offers a unique view of nature and love.

iFeel, the first feature film to be directed by Ludwig Ciupka, VP creation and co-founder of the agency, tells the story of a young professional and his relentless quest for happiness in our contemporary society. Filmed entirely from the point of view of the main actor, the film traces the portrait of his daily life and the challenges that will lead him to the discovery of himself.

22 days of shoot: a real endurance test.

iFeel will be distributed in the U.S. in the fall of 2017.

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