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Kinova Robotics


When Kinova approached TUX to help them enter into the world of industrial automation, we aimed to help them make a splash without going overboard. We created a new brand positioning, web experience and communication tools that would bring distinction in the marketplace but also credibility — a fine balance of conveying aspiration and functionality.  Tell me more

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Collaborative Robots (Cobots) were hailed as a game-changer in industrial automation, promising greater cost accessibility, simpler programming and better labour safety. However, a lack of out-of-the-box solutions & integration support left some companies abandoning their cobots to pile dust, and others overlooking the innovation, seeing it as a “fad” versus a way to level-up their operations. KINOVA set out to change that.

Specialized in assistive and surgical robotics, KINOVA was looking to break into the the hyper-competitive market of industrial automation. They approached TUX to develop a new brand positioning, web platform and communication tools to catalyze their market entry and launch their cobot technology globally.

Kinova’s industrial automation competitors were age-old robotics titans who relied on archaic ways of marketing innovation. Education around cobot capabilities was either over-simplified using vague futuristic promises or over-complicated with long lists of tech specs. For manufacturers, this approach made adopting automation feel far-off and difficult to trust. To connect with manufacturers in a new way, we chose to make cobot technologies uncompromisingly approachable and unapologetically real.

To mark Kinova’s expansion into Industrial Automation, we refreshed the brand identity to be both functional and aspirational — a perfect balance that would bring distinction in the marketplace but also credibility. Working in close collaboration with Kinova’s engineering team, we developed a series of visually striking videos to grow interest and comprehension around their new technology for the product launch. “Imagine automation” brings together surreal fantasy scenarios with real-life cobot applications enabling us to make robotics feel closer to home.

With Kinova’s cobot launch slated for Spring 2022, we are eagerly waiting on the results.

Culturally we are conditioned to believe that robots belong in the future or require an engineering degree to operate — It’s a myth. Cobots are a gamechanger for programming ease, labour safety and operational productivity. We had to make cobots feel less futuristic for manufacturers and more applicable to their day-to-day needs.

Stacy Gagnidze, Senior Creative Strategist

Kinova’s team gave us a giant mandate with many moving pieces and new developments. We adapted to their businesses reality and set up a highly agile and iterative pace in our relationship. We would meet every week. Share work in progress. Get instincts then refine after. This helped everyone have a sense of ownership and confidence in the work.

Simon Chénier-Gauvreau, Head of Design


Strategy Stacy Gagnidze
Client Partners Charlotte Bergeron
Marie-Laurence Choinière
VP, Client Partner Ève-Marie Boutet
Creative Direction Simon Chénier-Gauvreau
Cath Laporte
Digital Creative Direction Louis Paquet
Art Direction Thierry Joannette-Langevin
Copywriting Joshua Lessard
Anna Claringbould
3D Production Hugo Boesch
Color grading Astrid Tessier-Pontoizeau
Graphic Design Alexandre Lepage
Production Alexandra Quesnel
Marc Desjardin
Production Direction Stephanie L'Allier
Creative Production Alexandra Quesnel
Director Alex Miglierina
Video Editing Alex Miglierina
Post-Production & Color Grading Astrid Tessier
Graphic Production Rafik Andraos
Web Development Gaida & Steph
UX Design Marco Gervasio
SEO Strategy Code Marketing
Thomas Hargreaves
Sound Design Supersavant Inc.
Photo Direction Benoit Jones-Vallée
President and CEO Charles Deguire
VP, Startegic Growth François Boucher
Marketing Director Maude Goulet
VP, Sales and Marketing Jean Guilbault

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