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Brouillon — meaning draft in English — is a reference to the creative process, to the vision the owners have, to an idea in development. Brouillon Café-Buvette is a bit like that, a space that is destined to grow with its customers. From morning to night, from a cup of coffee to a glass of wine, Brouillon welcomes everyone with open arms.  

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The restaurant’s brand image is based on the concept of “work in progress”. It uses the textures and irregular lines of ripped paper as its main graphic tool to create a customized font and series of illustrations.


Client Partner Charlotte Bergeron
Creative direction Simon Chénier-Gauvreau
Graphic Design Julia Quesnel Welch
Lochlan Doyle
Copywriting Joshua Lessard
Photography Alex Lesage
Sam Legault
Tadokoro Yasuko et Jade Wulfraat
Graphic Production Rafik Andraos Mateusz Markiewicz
Digital Creative Direction Louis Paquet
Web Development Michael Garcia
Interior Design Atelier Zébulon-Perron
Collaboration and project management Michèle Beauchamp-Roy
Owners Dominic Tremblay
Ludwig Ciupka

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