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UP Centre for pediatric emergencies is a new (and the first) emergency service to specialize in pediatrics, located outside of a hospital setting. With a team of emergency pediatricians and multidisciplinary medical health experts, UP efficiently supports the frontline emergency system by improving access to emergency services for children and teens.

We were given the mandate of creating the brand name, its graphics platform, and the clinic’s environmental and interior design. A forward-looking mandate we dove into wholeheartedly, at a time when the healthcare system is both in crisis and overburdened.


We had to create an experience that would change the behaviour and perception of Quebecers faced with emergencies—when, for them, “emergency” often goes hand-in-hand with worry, discouragement, and distrust.

We envisioned a pediatric unit that would truly reinvent the way we relate to emergencies. A reassuring space that encapsulates the idea that everything is being handled properly. A simplified process and a child-friendly environment designed to de-dramatize the way children cope with emergencies. An innovative and efficient experience that pushes the boundaries of the administrative procedures of traditional emergencies.

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The overall creative direction for the clinic aims to present a welcoming yet sophisticated take on the pediatric setting—dispensing of conventional child-related imagery (no animals, no fluff, no rainbows, no puzzles with missing pieces), and instead presenting a futuristic look, with LED details and stainless steel finishes. We created a brand with a soft energy, using a peaceful colour palette with a vibrant touch. The use of wood, curvy geometries, and greenery adds warmth and playfulness to the interior design.

The main welcome area is a naturally lit and uncluttered open space, offering a calm setting for arriving patients. Unlike a common clinic, there is no traditional “reception counter”—a spot that commonly leads to a build-up of frustration, both in overstressed parents and overworked receptionists. Instead, parents and receptionist can discuss side-by-side on loung-y high-tables, while the kids explore books and quirky accessories filling a giant bookshelf.

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Sarah Patier

Environmental & Experiential Design Lead
Sarah Tu

Environmental & Experiential Design
Virginie Gagnon, Olivier Paré

Creative Direction
Charlene Sepentzis

Graphic Design
Jason Gélinas

Web Design
Nouvelle Administration

CG Supervisor
Maxime Roz

Motion Design
Raphaël Laflamme

3D Artist
Christian Gervais et Lochlan Doyle

Graphic Production
Mateusz Markiewicz

Élise Noël de Tilly

VP - Client Partner
Ève-Marie Boutet

Client Partner
Guillaume Savard, Catherine Cloutier et Marie-Ève Méthot

Maxime Brouillet

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