Rise is Canada’s #1 kombucha
(with 35% of market shares). As the brand was looking to expand into US distribution, it contacted us to strengthen its brand platform.
Rise - Pink Lifestyle
Rise bottle opening by itslef


Our mandate was to weave the existing assets such as the logo and emblematic bottle into a more comprehensive brand system and communication approach that would give Rise a unique and ownable voice as it entered the US market. The objective was to increase awareness, provoke brand discovery and consideration.

Rise Posters
pack of 4 Rise Kombucha bottles


Unlike the Canadian market, the US landscape was already conquered by big players with deeper pockets and wider distribution. So how do you measure up?


Digging into brand truths, we decided to focus on the untapped market, rather than trying to steal market shares. With Rise scoring 46% as best-tasting, we decided to present it as the perfect "introduction" to Kombucha. Where others tried to educate consumers about the health benefits of this drink, we "played it big" by transcending the category. We revised how we looked, talked and behaved to deepen our relation with culture and offered people a twist on flavour stories. We achieved this through a unique and contemporary lens that would resonate with potential consumers: moods = flavours. This setup was the perfect springboard to create a rich and evocative platform for Rise's US introduction.

Liquid sanctuary
Rise - Sanctuary
Man sitting close to water, wearing a bright red sweater
Hibiscus and rose hips flavour
Rise - Rush of Renewal
Rush of renewal
Man smilling, wearing a yellow short-sleeved shirt
Ginger flavour
Savour serenity
Rise - Savour Serenity
Pink rose
Rose and schizandra flavour
Rise Changing cards
Three posters


Creative Direction — Ludwig Ciupka, Charlène Sepentzis
Concept & 3D Art Direction — Hugo Boesch
Photo Art Direction — Lian Benoit
3D Artist — Jean-Michel Simard
Graphic Design — Maude Turgeon, Simon Roy
Production — Joëlle Binet
Account Manager — Guillaume Savard

Photography — William Arcand (L'Éloi)
Styling — Izabel Soucy (Teamm Mgmt)
MUA — Alper Sisters (Teamm Mgmt)
Food Styling — Daniel Raîche
Videography — Brokenwood
Color Grading — Raphael Laflamme

Models — Ricky (Faces Mgmt), Gabriella, Damien (Folio), PierLoup (Folio), Ajwa, Ariadna

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