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Point G


Point G is a specialist in gourmet products known for the production of its macarons in North America. Its unique shop, located on Mont-Royal Avenue, is a surprising place of discovery and taste experience.  

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TUX was mandated to translate the evolution of the (existing) brand identity into a new point of contact, a place of discovery and taste experience for visitors. Inspired by the macaron, both in its shape and in its festive and gourmet connotation, the small boutique of barely 950 sq. ft. features a range of pinks and round materials.

The circular window at the back of this mini-space, overlooking the laboratory, brings a valorizing and elegant focus point. It is a message of craftsmanship, quality, and refinement.


Environment Design and Project Management Michèle Beauchamp-Roy
Environment Design Olivier Paré
General Contractor Spacia
Photography Maxime Brouillet
Lian Benoit
Owner Julien Reignier

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