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Bausch Health set out to remodel the Pharma industry with Dermatology.com at a time where telemedicine was shaping up the new normal. The ambition was to give patients access to quality prescription skincare and empower them to request a desired treatment via online consultation. When it comes to RX skincare, democracy in "brand choice” rarely exists, and we wanted to disrupt the existing power dynamic.  Tell me more

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Bausch Health is one of the largest prescription dermatology businesses dedicated to helping patients in the treatment of skin. In 2020, they set out to remodel the industry with dermatology.com at a time where telemedicine was shaping up the new normal. The ambition was to give patients access to quality prescription skincare and empower them to request a desired treatment via online consultation. And by doing so, we created value for Dermatologists by giving them a platform that fosters visibility and community.

It’s no secret that when it comes to skincare the RX selection is not accessible to the average consumer; democracy in "brand choice” rarely exists. So we positioned this new platform to democratize the power dynamic that currently exists, helping consumers feel more involved in their skin treatment and unlocking a whole new level of products.

With a revolution of the scale, challenges were inevitable. The main one we faced was around conditioning consumers to a new “shopping” behaviour that is unconventional in a typical e-commerce environment. Dermatology.com behaved like a “marketplace”, but visitors couldn't simply purchase, instead they needed to request and the final product recommendation was determined after the consumer is guided into a virtual consultation hosted by an unbiased third-party per FDA requirements.

This “digital arm’s length” created an unusual interruption in the user experience (imagine a store from which, in order to check out, you need to go to another store and get permission first). To offset that, we focused on creating a branding pull unexpected from the typical codes of the category.

For the launch, we zeroed in on 35+ affluent women, as they were already willing to invest into premium skin treatments and were actively seeking “better solutions”. Where most of DTC competition tries to downplay the RX offering through the lens of lifestyle familiarity and colorful accessibility, we overtly demonstrated our futuristic tone, anchoring it in science and innovation.

Our media strategy focused on creating awareness and fostering trust. We created more perceived value with educational content linking common skin problems like adult acne to a variety of branded solutions and how they differ from their generic counterparts. We placed educational editorials in prime publications such as Harper Bazaar to generate chatter and spread the word.

For now, all efforts on Dermatology.com have come to a halt. After receiving resistant feedback from Dermatologists who felt that their authority could be threatened with such democratized intentions, Bausch Health made the decision to pull the plug in respect for the medical community. Although it was a true disruption for the category, the platform did not intend to overstep but to empower patients and dermatologists alike, and potentially be a flagship for the profession itself.

As a challenger agency ourselves, we believe that no real disruption or evolution can happen without taking some risks ! And that’s the type of work that we’ll always rally for.

We were asked to imagine the platform’s front-end experience (branding, UX/UI, content), as well as to manage its nationwide consumer and HCP launch campaign. In true startup fashion, we built an entire ecosystem within a few months, while trying to revolutionize one of the most regulated industries in the U.S.

At TUX we always love a good challenge. As a challenger agency, we always aim to push for disruption where needed. Working on Derm.com was right up our alley. We created an accessible “marketplace” to a conventionally “hidden” category. That was one of the most daring ideas we ever got to work on!

- Pierre-André, EVP


Account Direction Alexandra Abboud
Client Partner Marie-Laurence Choinière
Strategy Pierre-André Vigneault
Creative Direction Ludwig Ciupka
Executive Producer Caroline Grutman
Art Direction Lian Benoit
3D Production Jean Michel Simard
Hugo Boesch
CG Supervisor Maxime Roz
Motion Design Lochlan Doyle
Graphic Design Samuel Larocque,
Lian Benoit
Graphic Production Jean-Michel Lavoie,
Mateusz Markiewicz,
Rafik Andraos
Copywriting Terry Paquet,
Sharon Forrest,
Andrew Morgan,
Anjela Freyja
Photo Production Joëlle Binet
Coordination Olivia Lagacé
Photography William Arcand (L’Éloi)
MUA Andrew Ly assisted by Alper Sisters (Teamm)
Maïna Millitza
Stylism Fredérique Gauthier (Folio)
Olivia Leblanc (Folio)
Line Producer Frédérick Quintal
Production Manager Jonathan Giroux
Unit Manager Guillaume Bessette
Director Martin C. Pariseau (Cinélande)
1st Assistant Director Fabrice Barriliet
Photo Direction André Turpin
Set Design Jean-François Campeau
Editing Travis Komarnisky
Color grading Charles-Étienne Pascal (SHED)
Music and sound design Cult Nation
Marketing Manager Tanya Bowstead
Marketing Manager Adam Gladieux

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