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We developed a narrative rooted in Outer’s desire to get people outside, leveraging a hero campaign film that provided cut downs of specific communication points. Visually, we centered in on the visual connection between the earth, the product, the home and the family.  

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Our campaign approach was to develop a hero campaign film that told a more humanistic narrative, with a series of cutdowns that centered around key messaging points for the brand: sustainability, design and technology. The campaign lived across digital and out of home, creating both intentional subpages within the Outer website to communicate their key brand tenets, as well as running paid efforts that spanned from wheat pasting, billboards and social ads.

Our key focus was showcasing the commitment Outer has taken to ensure a brighter future tomorrow.

With the success of our Brand Campaign video, Outer wanted to expand the life of our captured content to tell a deeper story about their innovative Outer Shell.


Director Nolan Goff
Cinematography Kayla Hoff
Producer Jade Risser
Photographer Dustin Gialanza
VFX Optika Studio
Editor Micah Hamilton
Colorist Jacob Hackzell
Sound Bobb Barito

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