Ivanhoe Cambridge Communication Platform

The arrival of the pandemic caused real-estate investor and developer Ivanhoé Cambridge – owner of 19 malls across Canada – to rethink their approach to marketing and communication.

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And chose TUX for the job. Together we developed a more digitally-savvy and agile communication platform. One designed to breakthrough and reposition the mall for the new normal.


Reframing a broken narrative

So how do you go about making malls relevant for retailers and consumers in the digital age? You do it by reframing the narrative. Malls have been telling the same story for far too long: generic lifestyle print campaigns filled with the traditional fashion models and devoid of any real message or emotion.

The truth is, consumers aren’t inspired by malls or their campaigns. What draws them in are products, retailers, and the experiences these spaces provide. That’s why we created the Everything. Now. campaign. This communication platform serves to remind consumers of the convenient abundance of options, spontaneity, and vibrancy that only shopping a mall—in real life—can deliver. Everything. Now. puts the spotlight on retailers and the intangibles that make a shopping trip worthwhile, even in the new normal.

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Enabling always-on creative freedom

Making the mall relevant in the digital age also means making the mall live and engage with people outside its doors. It’s why we created a digitally savvy platform that empowers Ivanhoé’s team to create content and engage in conversations online, in real time. Inspired by editorial and social-media language, we put together an accessible, spontaneous, and uninhibited tone that invites the team to comment, react, and use the all-encompassing “we” to engage with consumers. The language contains exclamation points, interjections, and superlatives. Words are used as graphic elements that can be played with, stacked, or duplicated.

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Sharing reactions, engaging conversations

A generous range of stickers allows the communication platform to inspire people of all ages and cultures, consisting of images that reflect realistic consumers, diversified products, and goods. Coupled with background imagery, the stickers give Ivanhoé the creative freedom to articulate just about any message. This provides them with the much-needed flexibility and creative freedom to adapt messaging to meet the needs of all 19 centers and their varying audiences, across all seasons and touchpoints.

“I’m blown away by the thoughtfulness of the strategy, the quality of the creative, and the manner that this platform will strategically push our business forward in new and exciting ways.”

  • Jennifer Dunn, Senior Director of Marketing Retail at Ivanhoé Cambridge

Raising the bar with a digital brand book

As part of our commitment to take Ivanhoé online, as well as support its communication team as they transition towards in-house production, we created the company’s first digital brand book. This extremely user-friendly guidebook provides the team with everything they need—from graphic codes to writing rules and strategic communication pillars—in just a click.


Account Director
Sandra Dagenais

Client Partner
Charlotte Bergeron

Melissa Tucker-Gagné

Christina Meunier

Creative Director
Charlene Sepentzis

Lead Copywriter
Élyse Noël de Tilly

Anna Claringbould
Antoine Cayouette

Art Director
Lian Benoit

Graphic Designer
Pamela Jaton

Motion Designer
Lochlan Doyle

Production Designers
Jean-Michel Lavoie
Mateusz Markiewicz

Kelly Jacob (Consultat)

Makeup & Hair Stylist
Alper Sisters (Teamm)

Izabel Soucy (Teamm)

Prop Stylist
Jeremy Noël

Béatrice Munn

BTS Footage & Shots
Yasmine Seck

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