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We have come to thrive in a culture of convenience. Our obsession for always-on digital access seems to have made us forget the real convenience of having a mall – instant access to physical goods right around the corner. Accordingly, we created a communication platform meant to remind people of the convenient abundance of goods, spontaneity, and vibrancy that only a shopping mall can deliver. The platform provides a generous range of stickers, images, and words that enable the client’s marketing team to react, comment and engage with consumers online, in real time.  

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Together we developed a more digitally-savvy and agile communication platform. One designed to breakthough and reposition the mall for the new normal.

Malls have been telling the same story for far too long: generic lifestyle print campaigns filled with traditional fashion models and devoid of any real message or emotion. The truth is, consumers aren’t inspired by malls or their campaigns. What draws them in are products, retailers, and the experiences these spaces provide.


Strategy Melissa Tucker-Gagné
Account Director Sandra Dagenais
Client Partner Charlotte Bergeron
Creative Direction Charlène Sepentzis
Creation and Copywriting Élyse Noël de Tilly
Copywriting Anna Clarinbould
Antoine Cayouette
Art Direction Lian Benoît
Graphic Design Pamela Jaton
Charlène Sepentzis
Motion Design Lochlan Doyle
Production Christina Meunier
Graphic Production Jean-Michel Lavoie
Mateusz Markiewicz
Photography Kelly Jacob (Consulat)
Makeup & Hair Stylist Alper Sisters (Teamm)
Prop Stylist Jeremy Noël
Photo Retouching Béatrice Munn
BTS Footage & Shots Yasmine Seck
Senior Director, Marketing Jennifer Dunn
Senior Advisor, Brand & Content Jonathan Boivin
Acting Senior Director, Retail Marketing Halina Wolczecki

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