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Bumper to bumper


In 2020, after many years as an auto-parts supplier, Bumper to Bumper launched their Auto Service division, marking the company’s entry into the world of automotive service providers. TUX was mandated to build the new branch’s brand identity and positioning, keeping in mind a key challenge: the brand had to first and foremost speak to mechanics. Which means we had to understand their reality and be as authentic as possible.  

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In any community, mechanics play a role that goes above and above that of a technician. Some become the “village doctor” of their field, caring for families' vehicles for generations and building a sense of trust over years, even decades. This is the relationship we wanted to showcase, shining a spotlight on why —and for who—mechanics do what they do.

This need to be authentic meant we had to avoid any stereotypes associated with the category and instead reflect what a real automative service provider looks like. No fake mechanics, no perfectly white polo shirts, no handing the keys back to the owner with a smile as the parting shot. We opted instead to use language that is honest, accessible, and based on the target audiences, collective know-how.


Strategy Sarah Patier
Account Director Camille Reed-Brissonnet
Client Partner Annie Woang
Creative Direction Simon Chénier-Gauvreau
Charlène Sepentzis
Creative lead Joshua Lessard
Art Direction Thierry Joannette-Langevin
Copywriting Joshua Lessard
Antoine Cayouette
Video direction Sébastien Duguay
Motion Design Félix Arsenault
Production Christina Meunier
Sound production Jean-David Perron/Supersavant
Video edit Olivier Guillemette
Color grading Simon Boissonneaux
Communication and Marketing Director Isabelle Lafrenière

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