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Altitude Sports


With its latest advertising campaign, Altitude Sports wanted to reassert its position as the leading online outdoor-equipment destination. We created a world of sensory escape that lives up to Altitude Sports’ obsession with well-designed gear.  

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In the campaign, the integration of collages pushes us to imagine how to equip ourselves to completely disconnect.

- Simon Chénier-Gauvreau, VP Creation

Behind the scenes


Creative Direction Ludwig Ciupka
Simon Chénier-Gauvreau
Art Direction Charlotte Ratel
Xavier Cyr
Copywriting Cristo Dubé
Director Emmanuel Mauriès-Rinfret
Photo Direction Ariel Methot
Account Director Camille Reed-Brissonnet
Client Partner Marie-Hélène McCormack
Production Christina Meunier
Graphic Production Tanya Machado Mateusz Markewicz
Photography Royal Gilbert
Production Direction Julianne Le Pouezard
Set Design Évelyne Morin
Stylism Iza Soucy/TEAMM
Simon Venne
Sound Design Jean-David Perron/Supersavant
Brand Marketing Director Marie-Hélène Choquette Zaurrini
Art director William Watcher

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