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Morton New Grinders


Morton is a staple of American dinner tables. But many home chefs don’t know the brand beyond its iconic blue box of table salt. So, for the spring-summer launch of their new salt and pepper grinders, we wanted to show America’s cooks the novel ways that Morton can help bring out the best in every dish.  

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Highlighting the endlessly more versatile and reusable design of the new adjustable, refillable grinders, we decided to capitalize on the timing of the launch – turning BBQ season into an occasion to enjoy infinite flavor in infinite ways, all summer long.

To envision Morton as part of the summer BBQ experience, we needed to bring that experience to life. One way we did that was in the video’s rich sound mix, which blends warm voiceover and breezy backyard atmosphere. The video immerses you in this time and place, creating a moment between the brand and you.

- Emily Wilkinson, Copywriter


Creative Direction Simon Chénier-Gauvreau
Creative Lead Alice Ware
Copywriting Emily Wilkinson
Graphic Production Mateusz Markiewicz
Rafik Andraos
Motion Design Felix Arsenault
Jean-Michel Lavoie
Photography Alex Miglierina
Color grading Astrid Tessier
VP, Production Caroline Grutman
Production Shaida Missaghi
Production Coordination Raphaëlle Brault
VP, Client Partner Eve-Marie Boutet
Client Partners Camille Reed-Brissonnet
Valérie Patenaude
Marketing Director:Consumer Culinary and B2B Douglas Keffer
Senior Associate Brand Manager Albert Menendez

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just add a little salt - just add a little salt - just add a little salt - just add a little salt