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The Martin Family Initiative (MFI) works in collaboration with Indigenous communities to advance family, educational, and economic well-being outcomes of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis children and youth. Our objective was to develop a new brand platform that focuses on MFI communication efforts while simultaneously seeking creative solutions that consciously and meaningfully showcase Indigenous culture.  

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Custom Accessibility Feature

We crafted a unique accessibility feature addressing challenges in First Nation Communities with limited internet connectivity. Our widget dynamically detects the user's internet speed and, if slow, activates a low-speed mode, replacing images and videos with lightweight SVG graphics inspired by indigenous arts.

We were inspired by indigenous arts to imagine the visual assets of MFI. Indeed, we create colourful infographics to make it easier for the users to assimilate the (sometimes) very complexe informations. We also create textures and page transitions inspired by the patterns of indigenous craftsmanship.


Strategy Stacy Gagnidze
Art Direction Joanie Brisebois,
Israël L'Italien
Creative Direction Simon Chénier-Gauvreau
Copywriter Marie-Laurence Grenier-Trempe,
Stacy Gagnidze
Client Partner Marie-Laurence Choinière
Graphic Production Tanya Machado
Matteusz Markiewicz
Creative Director Louis Paquet
Motion Designers David Duschene,
Louis Paquet
Developers Adrien Vanderpotte,
Michaël Garcia
Copywriter Marie-Laurence Grenier-Trempe
Client Partner Marie-Laurence Choinière
Chief Executive Officer Chloe Ferguson
Graphic Designer Elizabeth Hardy
Operations Manager Jane Casson
TREES Network Coordinator Nazanin Eslami

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Converse by You

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