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To develop a brand that felt feminine and timeless, while still making space for playful use of color - something less traditional in category. All while aligning with Facile’s brand philosophy that “good skin should be easy.”  

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Facile came to Tux with an inconsistent brand identity and packaging system that would easily get lost in the competitive beauty landscape.

Facile offers an ecosystem of dermatologist backed, spa-worthy essentials to simplify your skin care routine because we believe achieving beautiful skin should be easy. In 2019, the Facile team wanted to bring the brand into a more elevated and contemporary space as they planned their release of their full line of skincare products and overhaul of their location interiors.

With sustainability in mind, Facile’s packaging prides in using recyclable 50% post-industrial recycled glass, airless bottles, compostable, fluorocarbon-free and coated with food-safe pigment boxes. All shipped in 99% post-consumer fiber mailer boxes.


VP of Creative Chelsea Matthews

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