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Nike Swim


The Sneakerkini was the first of it’s kind swimsuit that celebrated Nike’s most iconic essence: the sneaker. Our campaign, ‘Sneakers Reimagined”, celebrates a fearless spirit and imagination. Using CGI paired with live action capture, we built a visual narrative that connected the shoe to the details of the swimsuit.  

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Our campaign, Sneakers Reimagined, expressed a sense of freedom through fearless spirit and imagination. It unlocks a transportive visual journey for the viewer, taking us from the everyday to the ethereal, allowing them to explore a new fantasy. Told through the lends of Nike’s sneaker, the vision comes to life through a visual celebration of creativity, style and perspective.

The connection to water was an integral creative lens. Without capturing in the outdoors, we brought the elements of water-side play into the studio. Our creative blended dynamic montage, animation and visual sensations in our editing style. We wanted to integrate a sense of glistening sunlight, playing with colors and strobes to set the tone.

Now more than ever, there is value in challenging conventions, breaking barriers and celebrating the freedom that comes with creative self expression.


VP of Creative Chelsea Matthews

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