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Salt is in every home and in every kitchen, yet we pay little attention to it. But a salt brand deserves a little bit of flavour, doesn’t it? In a time where consumers expect more authenticity from brands, we had an incredible opportunity to deliver a fresh perspective on the joy and transformative power of salt. Just imagine how bland life would be without it.    

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To show off its culinary and homecare products, the iconic American brand Morton Salt paired with us to create a shiny new digital and social campaign, from the screen you're reading this on to your TV at home. When it comes to brand heritage, it doesn’t get more iconic than Morton. We made sure to do it justice when refreshing the brand platform, creating visuals and copy that spark, sizzle and pop.

The work that we created is packed with genuine insights, capturing real-life moments that show the love that people put into their food and the care that they show their home. The universality of this feeling is what allowed us to tap into the rich diversity of everyday life in America. Informal. Joyful. Special. 


Creative Lead Alice Ware
Copywriting Marie-Laurence Grenier-Trempe
Graphic Design Eloïse Daigle
Graphic Production Mateusz Markiewicz
Jean-Michel Lavoie
Tanya Machado
Motion Design and 3D Félix Arsenault
Jean-Michel Simard
David Duchesne
Production Ariane Baril
Christina Meunier
Joëlle Binet
VP, client partnership Eve-Marie Boutet
Director, client partnership Yasmine Zeggane
Client partner Julie Su
Project manager Tiarah Golliday-Murry
Strategy Michèle Riendeau
Melissa Tucker-Gagné
Director Emmanuel Mauriès-Rinfret
Director of photography Juliette Losky
Editor Thomas Bellefleur
Sound Design René-Pierre T. Guérin
Original Music Simon Chioni
Color grading Simon Boissoneaux
Set Design Frédérique B. Ste-Marie
HMU Mayillah
Stylist Marianne Dubreuil
Food stylist Daniel Chen
Sr. Director of Marketing, Sales Planning & Operations Brian Bissell
Marketing Director - Culinary Douglas Kafer
Sr Brand Manager - Homecare Eric Schwickerath
Sr. Associate Brand Manager - Culinary Christ Kallas
Associate Brand Manager - Homecare Gina Frank
Associate Brand Manager - Culinary Zachary Enloe

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