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1 Million Dance


1MILLION Dance is a dance studio and content producer based in Seoul, South Korea. Looking to expand its international reach, 1MILLION Dance came to TUX for multimedia rebranding to level up its visual and animated identity, website, and in-studio-experience. We crafted a look and story to engage all dancers and viewers into 1MILLION Dance’s deeply creative world.  

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We were inspired by 1MILLION Dance’s team of instructors’ offstage interactions, including moments when they share their inspiration, challenges, laughter, and hard work in truly open and honest ways. At 1MILLION Dance, it’s not about how you look in a video, it’s about the true essence of dance. 1MILLION Dance doesn’t need a stage to dance. We wanted everyone to see it and feel it.

Sarah Patier, Strategist

We worked to position 1MILLION Dance as a global reference in dance culture of interest to dancers, artists, and brands from all over the world without diluting its signature style. We designed bold and entertaining branding that embodies the unique energy that dancers feel when they walk into 1MILLION Dance’s studio, a dynamic space where everyone, from newcomer to celebrity dancer, feels equally at home.

Lian Benoit, Brand Art Director

We wanted to highlight the key features that make 1MILLION Dance a one-of-a-kind studio. We chose to celebrate its passion for dance with eye-catching videos of instructors and dancers in rehearsal. The web site showcases fun animated dancing characters, inspired by the founders’ belief that dancing is always better when you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Louis Paquet, Digital Creative Director

A space that makes you move


Strategy Pierre-André Vigneault
Sarah Patier
Client Partner Marie-Laurence Choiniere
Account Director Camille Reed Brissonnet
Creative Direction Simon Chenier-Gauvreau
Ludwig Ciupka
Digital Creative Direction Louis Paquet
Art Direction Lian Benoit
UX Design Marco Gervasio
Production Christina Meunier
Design & Illustration Félix Arsenault
3D Production Jean-Michel Simard
Christian Gervais
Maxime Roz
Hugo Boesch
Motion Design Lochlan Doyle
Space Design Sarah Tu
Olivier Paré
Copywriting Joshua Lessard
Photo Direction Jonathan Brisebois
GRIP Nicolas Lesage
Danse Mary Lee Brunet
Art Director Mary Jung
Creative Team - Business Manager Helen Heo

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