Altreno is a clinical strength tretinoin lotion so powerful it requires a prescription.

Altreno has long been an established brand, but it needed a refresh to bring it into the 21st century. Battling the saturated over-the-counter market and the restrictive pharmaceutical industry, we came up with a new creative solution that centered 3D to create something never seen before. What followed was a brand roll-out across all platforms including online and social, as well as campaigns to drive both awareness and sales.

Soft Science

Altreno's science was simplified through clear language and mechanism-orientated animation. This presented the science in a way everyone could understand - and enjoy.

Powerful Ingredients

Altreno owns the space between traditional skincare and powerful RX. The formula does this by blending the best ingredients already familiar to consumers with clinical strength tretinoin.

Brand & Campaign

Account Director
Alexandra Abboud, Sandra Dagenais

Client Partner
Roxanne Fabien, Julie Su

Senior Creative Producer
Alexandra Quesnel

Brand Strategist
Rafif Hajsaleh

VP Executive Creative Director
Ludwig Ciupka

Creative Lead
Alice Ware

Pamela Jaton, Claude Grenier-Côté

Creative Copywriter
Anna Claringbould

Technical Copywriter
Sharon Forrest

Graphic Artists
Mateusz Markiewicz, Rafik Andraos, Jean-Michel Lavoie

3D Development
Hugo Bosch, Jean-Michel Simard, Hakim Harrouche

3D Bust Modeling
Art of J Hill

Astrid Tessier

Motion Design
Astrid Tessir, Lochlan Doyle, Felix Arsenault

Video Director
Alex Miglierina

Alex Miglierina, Alice Ware

Sound Design
Jean-David Perron at Supersavant

VP Media
Caroline Pilon

Digital Media Strategist
Malika Cheref


Digital Creative Director
Louis Paquet

Client Partner
Marie-Laurence Choinière

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