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Environmental design is the art of articulating space. It affects us more than we like to think and sends us signals constantly.

TUX - Nuovo

At TUX, we don’t just create volumes, we create spatial experiences that express a company’s core values.

Before we start laying down bricks, we identify the brand DNA so we can build on top of that — and not just a slab of concrete.


Like a traditional environmental design firm, we employ architects and designers, but we also involve motion producers, creative technologists, scenography experts and writers to help tell a compelling story. This way we can integrate crucial ideas from the get-go, ideas that would otherwise be treated as an afterthoughts.

Whether we’re developing flagships or pop-up shops, immersive festival environments, or boutique hotels, we approach things from a multisensory perspective.

Think of it as environmental design on steroids.

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