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“I chose TUX for its willingness to do business differently”

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It’s true, we’re quite proud of our B-Corp and Ecoresponsible certifications (Level 1, Commitment). Not because these logos look good in a presentation or give us more credibility on our web site, but because they enable us to implement more responsible business practices.

By providing us with the tools we need to set clear goals, establish deadlines, and measure our progress, our certifications keep us accountable.

“When a company starts to question how it does things, it quickly feels as if it’s facing a mountain that’s impossible to climb. Taking on social responsibility is nerve-wracking. You feel you’ve taken on something that’s beautiful but also fiendishly difficult. You’re constantly analyzing, adjusting or discarding new policies and practices. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or, worse, disheartened.”

In the area of responsible certification, we’re working twice as hard. Our goal is to deploy the structure and support we need to reimagine the rules of capitalism. Granted, that’s pretty ambitious. That’s why we’re so grateful to have the B-Corp and ECORESPONSIBLE™ methodologies at our disposal. By setting stringent standards, these resources allow us to address the four pillars of sustainable development: human, economic, environmental, and social.

B-Corp and ECORESPONSIBLE™ certifications (Level 1, COMMITMENT) prompt us to reshape our business model by doing the following:

  1. Placing social and environmental considerations at the very core of our culture and vision.
  2. Adopting a transparent, horizontal, diverse, and equitable governance model.
  3. Democratizing organizational change and decision-making processes through our Eco-Responsible, JEDI, Volunteerism, Wellness, and Environment committees. These teams bring together TUX talent from various levels and backgrounds and are actively building our business.

“I’ve seen how achieving B-Corp and ECORESPONSIBLE™ certifications has changed our company. TUX wasn’t yet certified when I began to work here, so I’ve seen how the company’s evolved over the years. It’s astounding how our certifications have helped us to unite the team around a shared vision and create a one-of-a-kind company culture. They’ve bolstered our desire for change and given us the means to structure our efforts. As someone who cares deeply about climate justice, being able to make a difference in my workplace has made me hopeful for the future.”

“TUX does not back down from a challenge.”

Ours is a creative company that owes its strength to our talented people. That’s why, of course, their needs and well-being are always our priority. Now, thanks to our certifications, we are implementing processes and policies that formalize this approach and take it even further. Day after day, we support our talent’s skill-development in a caring, conscious, fair, and healthy environment through:


  • Training courses coordinated by the JEDI team, which raise our talent’s awareness of various social issues.
  • A whistleblower-protection system that allows anyone to report – worry-free – any form of harassment or wrongdoing in the company.
  • An online health platform (Dialogue) that provides medical support to all our talent and their families.
  • Time for involvement in community initiatives. (Our talent are all entitled to 20 hours of paid volunteer work each year and can take part in our TUX Karma projects.)
  • A year-round wellness program that includes a boot camp, bike rides, meditation classes, and weekly happy hours.

And that’s just the start!

“I chose TUX for its willingness to do business differently. Given my involvement in the JEDI committee from day one, I’ve seen the progress our teams have made, for example, in adjusting our internal policies or shaping our clients’ mandates. Of course, it hasn’t been easy and straightforward, but TUX does not back down from a challenge.”

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