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90 Days to the 4-Day Work Week

  • #Balance

It’s time to question the system we’ve inherited and reset our standards. Working 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, bringing unlimited energy and ideas, week after week, all while juggling the complexities of life—it just doesn’t make sense. Dolly Parton had it right, “It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it.”

We all need more time for things that fuel us. Inspire us. We all need more active rest to bring our most creative selves forward. That’s why we’re embracing the 4-day work week without compromising pay and assigning workloads that reflect fewer working hours. The idea here is actual work-life balance, not a 40hrs-in-4-days sprint. Most of us aren’t extreme athletes. We want this reset of work-life balance to happen at all levels of society. Maybe for some companies that will look like the 4-day work week. That’s why we’re making our journey to adopt the 4-day work week public. All the tools and tips we’ve found along the way, neatly packaged together, from our team to yours, for the purpose of equipping everyone to help all companies create more energizing workplaces.

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