Senior Art Director

At TUX, the position of senior brand innovator is a blend of the traditional roles of senior art director and creative director. The size of the agency and its desire to remain agile inspired this more modern approach which gives the senior brand innovator a hands-on role, benefiting from almost complete creative trust.

Whereas creative team leaders oversee the well-being of their creative teams, senior brand innovators act independently and strategically and therefore seek to validate their ideas laterally. To promote a collaborative culture and the sharing of ideas and knowledge, brand innovators collaborate among themselves or with design gurus and graphic ninjas (for whom they act as mentors).

As the title indicates, brand innovators have to be driven and open-minded in nature, because they are considered pioneers in their field. Brand innovators understand trends but aren’t inspired by them. Instead, they use trends to understand the state of popular culture and then seek to innovate and surprise. With their experience, senior brand innovators have managed to develop strategic entrepreneurial mindsets that allow them to decide when the time is ripe for innovation.

This position requires a great deal of autonomy, impeccable organizational skills and highly strategic thinking capabilities. The lateral, collaborative approach necessitates well-developed social skills, constantly drawing on one’s ability to listen, share and offer mutual help.


  • Act as a “creative partner” with clients: take an instructional approach in order to allow them to develop their creative knowledge base.Be briefed on client happiness directly by clients and the team, ensuring that the mandate, objectives and deliverables are fully understood.

  • During client briefings and meetings, act as a specialist by asking questions in order to quickly pinpoint the clients’ vision and expectations and detect potential obstacles, while offering possible solutions.

  • Act as a “creative partner” with clients: take an instructional approach in order to allow them to develop their creative knowledge base.

  • Contribute creatively during strategic planning, then develop (alone or collaboratively) a holistic creative vision based on the chosen strategic orientation.

  • During collaborative projects, orchestrate brainstorming sessions so that these activities have clear objectives and are respectful and efficient.

  • Imagine and create the elements needed to implement the creative strategy.

  • TUX’s holistic vision and its 360-degree services (communication, branding, photo/video, environment) push brand innovators to broaden their field of expertise and create outside their traditional framework.

  • Organize and streamline their ideas into clear, orderly presentation documents in English and French.

  • Give in-person presentations to clients in English and French, then orchestrate the conversation in order to receive clear, precise feedback so that the next steps can be managed autonomously.

  • Communicate directly with suppliers during projects for individuals in order to offer them support and ensure a good outcome.

  • Manage one’s time and project deadlines autonomously.

  • Participate actively in weekly project and resource planning meetings, demonstrating the ability to assess the scale of ongoing and upcoming projects in order to ensure that the creative team functions well.

  • Foster the creative vision and proactively participate in increasing TUX’s visibility through competitions, social networks and the market in general.

  • Stay abreast of emerging creative techniques and proactively experiment with them.

  • Be on the lookout for emerging talents that could be assets for the team.


  • Minimum 6-8 years of experience as a senior art director or creative director in a creative company
  • Degree in a related field
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • A strong portfolio of creative work that demonstrates originality, innovation, problem-solving, and personal expression

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