Graphic artist - print and digital

At TUX, the Graphic artist artist is the last to add the finishing touches to work before going to print or market. Their technical skills and high standards are greatly valued by the team. They have the complete trust of everyone, and rightfully so, because they never miss a detail and every pixel in their files has been subject to their attentive eye. The Graphic artist delivers a quick turnaround during the correction phase and unfailingly maintains graphic rigour in all creative work, regardless of the medium or support. They are self-reliant and find solutions when faced with inevitable surprises or constraints. They contribute to expanding the TUX network through their solid relationships with local and international suppliers.

To promote a collaborative culture, the Graphic artist frequently works with artistic directors and the Creative Director. Their curiosity is a precious asset, which permits them to stay on top of the latest technologies and available applications – discoveries that they relay to the creative team. This position requires organizational talent as well as the ability to handle creative aspects of a job independently, from production to delivery.


  • Ensure graphic rigour throughout work, from production to delivery, regardless of the medium or support

  • Manage use of time and project schedules on your own

  • Remain curious, always on the lookout for emerging creative techniques and test them out in a proactive manner

  • Improve presentation of mock-ups and presentations when necessary

  • Deliver final files to required standard technical specs

  • Be familiar with general printing techniques

  • Handle press okays when necessary

  • Aptitude for basic web programming (banners and other related deliverables) an asset


  • Minimum of 5 years of experience as a Graphic artist or equivalent

  • Understanding of the creative process and delivery of final files

  • Strong sense of initiative, detail-oriented and ability to follow up and ensure production advances

  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently under pressure

  • Advanced knowledge and mastery of Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign programs as well as Office suite

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