Graphic Designer


At TUX, the graphic designer wears two hats: their own, plus that of an artistic director. Their ideas are original and pertinent, their curiosity is boundless and rigour unfailing. With an eye to fostering a collaborative culture and to push creative limits, the graphic designer works closely with the artistic directors and creative director, peers who act as valuable mentors. The graphic designer is independent, strategic and brings solid communication skills as well as an eagle eye for detail to every project they take on. Working in a fast-changing environment inspires and nourishes their creativity and drive. The position spans a variety of disciplines, including brand identity, typography, packaging, advertising mock-ups, signage and print and digital ads. The agency’s unique structure, which combines architecture, 3D realizations and motion design, offers the graphic designer a stimulating multidisciplinary environment. Tight organizational skills are essential, as is the ability to work independently on the creative aspects of a project, from conception to delivery.

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