Tux Creative House

Join the parade & work it.

Our knowledge and life experiences, when put in common are the key to our success; it’s what makes us different as a fully integrated creative company. With diverse point of views, multiple reflexes and methods, we can cover more ground, make more connections and find more opportunities.

We acknowledge that collaboration isn’t the easy route and that it requires more planning, more time and human soft skills — but this extra effort is what defines us. Together, we tell richer stories that travel further and touch more people.

Senior 3D artist

  • 4-day work week For even better work-life balance
  • A 100% Québec company No head office in Toronto, so no squabbling with head office
  • Brouillon Café Buvette Wine bar, café, and restaurant right on the premises
  • The Karma Foundation Contributing to positive change in the world