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the parade
work it.

We will respect you for marching alone, but we will command you for. Our knowledge and life experiences, when put in common are the key to our success; it’s what makes us different as a fully integrated creative company. With diverse point of views, multiple reflexes and methods, we can cover more ground, make more connections and find more opportunities.

We acknowledge that collaboration isn’t the easy route and that it requires more planning, more time and human soft skills — but this extra effort is what defines us. Together, we tell richer stories that travel further and touch more people.

we believe that collaboration has the power change the world.

youll get

looking for team players who will bring their a-games. Are you driven to create work that drives culture forward? Do you know how to be ambitious without being a total prick? Read on.

  • Semaines de 4 jours Pour un meilleur équilibre travail / vie personnelle
  • Compagnie 100% québécoise Pas de HQ à Toronto et pas de chicane
  • Brouillon Bar à vin, café et restaurant à même nos bureaux
  • Fondation Karma Participe à un changement positif dans le monde

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future at TUX
in the cards.

job isnt listed here? No worries, we're always on the look out for lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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