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Escape Coffee


Escape Coffee sources and sells the best coffee from all over the world. But their mission isn't just about coffee; it's about the significance of slowing down to savour life's simple pleasures. You know, those moments when you focus on just one thing, and magic happens? That's the vibe we wanted to capture. So we crafted a bold new brand identity, colourful packagings and a user friendly e-commerce website inspired by the essence of "escape".  

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From standout packaging and bold illustrations to a distinctive identity and website, each element aligns with our strategy of "Going against the grain." We've crafted a brand that defies norms, just like their exceptional coffee.

Simon Chénier-Gauvreau

The Shopify-based e-commerce platform ensures quick purchases and hassle-free subscription plans. We prioritize user convenience by prominently displaying the interesting flavour profiles of the coffees, facilitating informed and enjoyable decision-making for the customers.

The Escape gang has gone deeper into coffee than any other brand before, getting their hands dirty and coffeegrind dusted at every step. We wanted this rawness to be visible in every communication tools we created — from the rugged charm of the shipping box to the coffee covered mugs.


Creative Direction René-Charles Arseneau
Art Direction Thierry Joannette-Langevin
Design Israël L'italien
Copywriter Anna Claringbould,
Marie-Laurence Grenier-Tremble
Project Manager Marie-Laurence Choinière
Stragegy Caroline Desmartin
Illustrations and animations Félix Arsenault
Graphic Production Jean-Michel Lavoie,
Mateusz Markiewicz,
Rafik Andraos
Creative Direction Louis Paquet
UI/UX Design Louis Paquet
Web Development Adrien Vanderpotte
Project Manager Marie-Laurence Choinière
Photography Studio l'Écru
Co-Founder David Boucher
Marketing Director Véronique Lacoursière
Sustainable sourcing consultant Érika Saumure

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