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We believe that the life of the specialist in this industry is limited. The industry is shifting and the barriers between agencies and production houses is blurring with a greater need for agility and accountability.

We are proud to say that we are ahead of this curve. TUX’s in-house and post-production capacity is a distinctive factor in our business and sets us apart form most other agencies in the industry. We truly have the power and resources to produce any idea we imagine. For our agency clients, this means a one stop shop with more control and value for your money.

Quality First

Being competitive comes down to quality. We know that with technology, quality of content is on the rise. Therefore, we never cut corners—and never hand control over to a team outside of TUX. Keeping everything in house not only gives us more control but there is a better process of accountability.

We have learned from experience and conversations with clients and creatives that traditional agencies will pitch amazing ideas that either fall flat, were in the end too expensive, or were actually impossible to create. This is because most agencies don’t understand the necessity to pivot. Even if they have internal producers, they often delegate production to external resources. This loss of control and broken line of communication doesn’t work for our fast paced industry.

Tux does it all internally, and producers are involved from day one to ensure we deliver on our ideas. There is nothing worse than getting an idea, selling it to a client and then having to go back and tell them it can’t be done. That’s why we never do it!

After all, quality is not just about the end product being delivered. Quality in process, customer expectations, and product create an entire experience.

Think about it. If everything is exactly equal between agencies, then we are a commodity. The only thing that will differentiate us is price. However, if the experience is richer—deeper—it is more valuable. We are about creating the experience, the value.

The Big Picture

So, how do we ensure our process is distinct and the experience is not only smooth but memorable? It’s all about the amenities, the team, and experience!

  • We have an in-house 4 000 sq. ft. studio and post-production amenities including sound, CGI, colour-grading, and compositing. In other words, we create and edit under the TUX roof. We don’t send out for editing.
  • We have a dedicated team of producers, production coordinators, a video and CGI creative director, film directors, 3D artists, offline artists, and more!
  • Our producers have decades of experience and relationship-building with the best in the industry. If we can’t do it or imagine it, it is possible it can’t be done. Yes, we are that confident!
  • Pack your bags—we will travel! We can and will produce anywhere between Montreal and Los Angeles.
  • We are versed in all medium and budgets. We’ve produced anything from social media content to million dollar campaigns closing down soho streets.

We have worked hard to ensure that we have solutions for our clients needs. One of the biggest shifts has been to be on the leading edge of controlling the process from day one to delivery. Keeping everything in-house allows us to be more agile and shift when our clients need us to.