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Supporting our local economy while maintaining our openness to the world as a whole – that’s the balance that TUX strives to achieve every day. Our Executive Vice-President Pierre-André explains the what, why, and how below.


We’re formally committed to investing at least 50% of our annual expenditure (excluding salaries and benefits) in local and independent partners.


A company isn’t a machine that operates in isolation, cut off from the world – and from people. Quite the opposite: to thrive, it needs its surrounding communities as much as they need it. At TUX, we’re very proud to be part of our region’s vitality, supporting and growing with local talent. It’s no fluke that our new offices are located not in the business district downtown but in the Plaza, close to the homes of about 70% of our teams. We believe in the importance of local roots. Likewise, as a self-styled indie company, we’re keen to encourage other independent businesses.


Even if they’re inclined to do so whenever an opportunity arises, TUX teams are urged to prioritize independent and local partners. In fact, we’ve added an option in our address log to indicate whether a partner is located within a radius of 80 kilometres and/or operates independently. It’s an easy resource to set up, and it enables us to make informed choices.

In addition, every time we renew our B Corp certification, we review our spending history and make sure we’ve met our commitments.

This is a daily challenge for a company. For some services such as, say, media buying, we have to go through foreign subsidiaries or groups (like Meta or Google, to name just a few), which are neither independent nor local. For the 2020-2021 financial year, we achieved 55% in terms of local and independent partners. We aim to do even better in future!