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Kleio and Theodoros dreamed of only one thing: to infuse a hint of Greek culture into their newly adopted city, Montreal. This dream, combined with their love of good food, inspired them to open the Yaourti restaurant, a Mediterranean-inspired establishment offering a healthy menu based on the ingredient they love: Greek yogurt.

Heartened by their insatiable enthusiasm, TUX joined the table to create the brand identity and interior design for a restaurant where you think, dream and eat yogurt.

With one of the highest rates of restaurants per capita in North America, Montreal is known for the diversity and creativity of its restaurants. We had to design a unique, credible, and inviting experience for Yaourti in an extremely dynamic competitive landscape.


And because Kleio and Theodoros wanted a restaurant that feels like home, they also needed to transform the rather minimalist and austere space of the existing built environment into a comfortable and embodied experience.

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"The challenge was to create a brand that was contemporary while also drawing inspiration from its Mediterranean origins and the architectural and artistic codes that go along with it. By reinterpreting some key aspects, such as the iconic ancient arches and certain Hellenic forms, we created a graphic language that is undeniably Greek in appearance but brimming with modernity."

Charlène Sepentzis, Creative Director

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A delectable brand experience that not only combines Greek heritage with Montreal creativity, but, most importantly, respects the origins and vision of Yaourti's founders (as well as a healthy dose of love for yogurt).

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Creative Director
Charlene Sepentzis

Graphic Designer
Joanie Brisebois

Art Direction Products Shots
Lian Benoît

Products shots
Mathieu Létourneau

Environmental and Experimental Designers
Benjamin Legentil & Yann Le Dourner

Web Design
Charlene Sepentzis

Motion Designer
Lochlan Doyle

CG Supervisor
Maxime Roz

3D Artists
Christian Gervais & Hugo Boesh

Props Stylist & Set Designer
Roxanne Chagnon

Élyse Noël de Tilly

Client Partner
Barbara Caselli

Caroline Grutman & Marie-Hélène McCormack

Graphic Production
Mateusz Markiewicz & Jean-Michel Lavoie

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