Environment —
Open a space that’s part plastic recycling centre, part artist workshop.

Environment —
Open a space that’s part plastic recycling centre, part artist workshop.

sculpture made of plastic

The issue to be resolved

When it comes to plastic, construction is the industry that uses the second-highest amount, representing 26% of all end-use Canadian plastic—meaning plastic that’s unaltered.

That’s why it’s no surprise that space design—close cousin to the construction industry—is also faced with what to do about its environmental footprint. How do we design and produce spaces that are more eco-responsible, use fewer materials, and require less energy? How do we change our work practices and habits to lessen our impact on the planet?

sculpture made of plastic

At a time when the state of the world is alarming, we wanted to do our part by supporting a project that concretely builds hope for a better future. That’s why we opted to approach the issue differently. What if we were to question our creative instincts and how we develop projects—while sharing alternatives that bridge the gap between sustainability and design?

That’s what the team at TUX Karma set out to do by supporting Olivier Bonnard’s slightly mad idea: Open a space that’s part plastic recycling centre, part artist workshop.

Where arts and collective mobilization give plastic waste a second life.

In his workshop, multidisciplinary Montreal artist, Olivier Bonnard, reuses and transforms plastic waste (#2 HDPE plastic) to create new objects. He showcases the potential of sustainable materials to inspire designers and artists in their future endeavours.

Because the goals are huge and the potential of Olivier Bonnard’s idea can generate a tremendous impact, TUX Karma teamed up with the artist to develop an exhibition that will fulfil three key objectives:

  • Raise awareness with the public, key industry players, and creative decision-makers about environmental issues and the potential uses of recycled plastic.
  • Introduce the workshop and the processes used there.
  • Inspire change by presenting our first objects made from recycled plastic.

Suddenly a laundry detergent container is transformed into a chair, a lamp, a shelf, or even a table.

The change this project will inspire

Olivier Bonnard’s workshop will help inspire new, more sustainable practices in design by providing artists and designers with a dedicated site, tools, and expertise. The exhibit will also help raise awareness in the industry and public about the many ways recycled plastic can be used in design—all thanks to its sustainability and aesthetic.

How this change will be evaluated

A set of indicators will help measure the change this project generates:

  • The popularity of the workshop and exhibition, which will help us understand how aware industry players are of the issue.
  • The number of objects produced at the workshop every year.
  • The quantity of plastic that’s reused every year to create these objects.
  • The increase in the number of workshop collaborators.

Karma’s mission - Project Description

In collaboration with O. Bonnard, develop the inaugural exhibition of his plastics workshop.

(production of creative and educational content, scenography, copy, event’s naming and visual identity)

What the jury loved most about this project

“I instantly loved Olivier’s approach. He puts his art to work to help conquer a huge environmental issue: the reuse of plastic. It’s a combo that’s impactful, creative, and educational.”

Sophie Bélanger
Karma board member

“Art, environment, and engineering wrapped up in a single project by an inspiring creator whose only goal is to make the world a better place. What a wonderful project to reflect Karma’s mission!”

Danielle Champagne
Karma board member

people in front of a plastic sculpture

The Team

Olivier Bonnard

Olivier Bonnard is a Montreal entrepreneur and multidisciplinary artist. After studying cinema, he travelled to many countries and took part in various art initiatives, including Art Basel in Miami, Baltics Sessions in Estonia, Art United Us in the Ukraine, as well as residencies in Cambodia and Mexico. Olivier is an entrepreneur and exhibition curator, taking on group projects on his travels which have subsequently altered his vision of the world and climate change. He stepped away from his former companies and put his career as an international artist on hold in order to found Montreal-based WIP—a self-financed, independent project that features a lab where artists are invited to spontaneously create and hold exhibitions. After 3 years of activity and over 40 popular exhibitions, WIP achieved a certain level of recognition for their original concepts, social values, and the quality of their artwork.

Thanks to his organization, Olivier has set up art workshops that include a screen-printing studio, wood and welding studio, film studio, and framing area. In December 2020, Olivier and members of WIP took part in creating the first ever Marché Circulaire—a sustainable version of a traditional market. This hybrid gallery is a blend of exhibition and commercial space, showcasing a selection of local artists, artisans, and merchants who share the same environmental values and sustainable practices.

Instagram: @lebonar | @wip.works

Marie-Pauline Drouot
Art Director

Marie-Pauline earned a diploma in Visual Communication from the Académie Charpentier in Paris in 2005, then worked in Europe for over 6 years at agencies specializing in fashion, beauty, and luxury, including Dior, Veuve Cliquot, and Biotherm. She moved to Canada in 2009 and worked at Montreal agencies Parallèle, Imago, and Exacto in brand management and branding for more than 9 years with clients that include Cavalia, Polytechnique, Chum, and Quartier de l’innovation. She’s been an art director at TUX since 2018.

Marie-Pauline believes this TUX Karma project is an opportunity to put her talent to work for a cause she holds to heart: the environment.

LinkedIn | Behance | Site | Instagram @mpz_81

Olivier Paré
Senior Environment Designer

Olivier is an experienced and distinguished interior and technology designer with over 15 years of experience. Since 2016, he’s honed his experience in scenography and event design working with such companies as Circo de Bakuza, Bureau Betak, and Sid Lee. Olivier is not just passionate about design, he’s also committed heart and soul to using his talents to help build a more sustainable world for future generations.

LinkedIn | Behance | Instagram: @olivier_pare

Marie-Laurence Grenier Trempe
Conceptor and copywriter

Marie-Laurence spends her time reading, questioning herself, writing, questioning herself and rewriting.
By developing a brand’s tone, she is able to give it a voice and a personality that is expressed through original content ideas.
Formerly an Account Director, she brings a strategic and pragmatic vision to creation. Her agency career began at Sid Lee and it has led her over the years to collaborate with Polygraphe, McCann, DDB and TUX, where she currently works as a bilingual copywriter.

An expert in naming, branding and advertising design, she also produces explanatory videos for Observatoire, a studio she founded with her partner Maxime. Finally, because collective well-being and social justice are values that are dear to her, Marie-Laurence is happy to be able to contribute to HDPE’s influence, an initiative that is more relevant than ever.

Behance | LinkedIn

Marie-Laurence Choinière Project Manager

Over the last 6 years, Marie-Laurence has nailed her digital expertise as a project manager. Holding a degree in multimedia, she has contributed to several interactive projects at her former agency. Marie-Laurence has developed a taste for content-driven and interactive cultural initiatives through the BANQ digital exhibition, Leonard Cohen interactive exhibition and an educative project developed with the NFB aimed to raise awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution in oceans. Willing to create change with her legendary enthusiasm, Marie-Laurence is happy to be part of the HDPE team as the project manager.

Next steps
Fall 2021: Create the exhibition, project visual identity, finalize works of art, collecting plastic containers
Winter 2021: Production
March 2022: Exhibit

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