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Launching Media Based on Transparency, Accountability and Impact.

TUX Studio

Synched Planning

Synched Planning

Our media, creative and production teams are all working together. Our media strategies build off of perspectives across brand planning, creative conception, and production. This means more integrated ideas, more bang for your buck, and no place for blind spots. Collaboration makes us more efficient and 100% accountable — and you want that.

Guided by Data, Not Blinded

Guided by Data,

Not Blinded

In a world where most default to data, we believe it should inform our decisions — not become the auto-pilot. Because data alone can’t think, can’t take risks, and can’t build brands.

Deep-diving into your consumer habits, making sense of data, is what enables us to plan for the greatest impact.

Agile and Independent

Agile and Independent

Our media plans are free from inventory leftovers and cookie-cutter strategies. Our job is about making the best connections and finding the right opportunities for your brand. Freedom to mingle means having the power to rally the right media partners for the right job.

Transparent Guidance

Transparent Guidance

Continuous support from senior management helps demystify the new tricks of the trade so you don’t get lost in ever-changing jargon and instead learn from taking part in the process. Full disclosure ensures transparency.

The proof is in the pudding

Salt Windsor


  • Increase market share
  • Awareness campaign
  • 100% Digital

12% sales boost
17M+ people reached in Canada
371% increase in website sessions



  • Winter 2019
  • Acquisition campaign
  • Radio + Signage
  • Signage plan

ROI: $170 / media dollar invested
+12% in membership revenue and tickets sold



  • Awareness campaign
  • Become top of mind
  • Focus on efficiency of reach
  • TV + Impactful Signage

43% global awareness
Notable increase in submissions

Keep in the loop (no nagging, promised).