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Using the profits from our work to chip away at world problems — creatively.


There’s no denying that capitalism is broken. That our systems are held down by bias and injustice. That there’s people, at home and abroad, who aren’t being protected, prioritized or invested in. It’s impossible to ignore how wealth is concentrated in so few. And how our burning planet is impacting so many. 

As artists, storytellers, designers, producers and planners, read, as creatives, we can’t free the world of all these colossal problems. But we can chip away at them by using our sphere of influence and apply our privilege, craft and ambition to make matters better.

Every day, we build brands. We influence companies and decision makers on what they put out into the world. We shape culture and headlines. We sell products. Sometimes a lot of them. Directly or indirectly, our work has an impact on people and the planet. And we want that impact to be good.

The reality is we’re finding brands remain intimidated by the idea of advancing positive social change. Skeptical about the connection between social progress and profit.

We get it. Veering away from “business as usual” is daunting and uncertain. Thankfully, our job has always been to get ahead of the curve and report back with informed ideas that work.

We want to show the business world that the future of connecting with people will come from helping them. We want to demonstrate how creativity that comes from a place of care and inclusivity resonates more deeply and stands out more distinctly.

At least this is our belief. To prove it, we have to start somewhere. And our somewhere is KARMA.

KARMA is TUX’s non-profit foundation dedicated to giving our talent the funding, time and space they need to chip away at the issues that bug them by doing the things they love. It’s a commitment to take more time to learn about problems and get more intentional with our creative endeavours. It’s an opportunity to go beyond our bubble and collaborate with communities and organizations who know a lot more than us about the root problems at hand and the solutions needed on the ground.

There’s beautiful and thoughtful projects in the works. We can’t wait to share them with you.

Talk soon,

The Karma team

For any request, please contact us at karma@tux.co

Our board

Our Board

Dominic Tremblay - CEO and co-founder of TUX Creative Co.

With 15 years of experience, he has built a creative agency dedicated to telling brand stories in powerful and disruptive ways. Before founding TUX, he headed the corporate marketing department at L’Oréal, launching hundreds of new products and services. In 2012, Infopresse named him one of the Top 10 Influential People of the Year, and he’s led TUX to win honours and awards from Cannes Lions, Applied Arts, AdWeek, and Bees.

Dominic is a global citizen who has lived in seven countries. Being thrown into different cultures probably accounts for his unique ability to understand others - whatever their business. He is the definition of a people person and knows the key to being one is listening and caring. You can’t fake it. It’s only by really understanding the consumer that you can craft compelling brand messages, define breakthrough marketing strategies, and execute effective growth plans.

Sophie Bélanger – Director Brand Marketing

A senior manager with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communication management roles within large companies and start-ups. Her wide expertise in all areas of marketing and innovation gives her the global vision to develop new business projects in an efficient and sustainable approach. Sophie has collaborated with some of the most innovative cultures and has led many categories and teams at L’Oréal, TUX Creative Co., and Agropur, where she managed to quickly create value by improving their mixed portfolio and positioning. A businesswoman, promoter of co-creation and eco-design, she founded Stratam in 2016 to support entrepreneurs in the launch of their business projects, such as the Lab-École, Automat and Les Grandes Marches du Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie. She is currently contributing to Agropur’s impact in the food industry as their Marketing and Digital Director.

Sophie holds a bachelor’s degree in administration from the University of Sherbrooke, a master’s degree in marketing from HEC and has completed the doctoral course in marketing at McGill University. Committed to building the next generation of tomorrow, she founded the Agropur U Competition and continues to coach young professionals towards achieving their ideals.

Danielle Champagne – MMFA Foundation General Director

Danielle Champagne joined the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) team 20 years ago, first as Director of Communications for 12 years and then as Director of the Foundation eight years ago. Having worked in marketing, communications and public affairs throughout her career, Danielle Champagne now focuses on developing various partnerships and collaborations with large businesses and influential patrons of the arts and cultural community to help fund the Museum's activities. The MMFA is not a government-owned Museum and must self-fund most of its activities: hence the importance of being able to count on an active Foundation. For several years now, the MMFA has excelled in creating and presenting major exhibitions and discovery exhibitions, in addition to expanding, maintaining and restoring its art collections.

The Museum also continues to expand and develop various educational, art therapy and well-being programmes, for instance with the inauguration of its fifth wing, the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace, and the Michel de la Chenelière International Atelier for Education and Art Therapy, which contributes to promoting its values of social harmony and inclusion.

Azamit – Founder and Creative Director of IN TOTO and SOUK

Creative mind behind SOUK, Azamit is a Montreal style icon, brand builder and creative connector. With a distinct background in fashion, design, curation and experiences, she creates unique design encounters that transcend the senses and leave the viewer with an imprint of revelation.

Her multi-layered interests in the design world has led her to create the SOUK where she continues to show an unparalleled commitment to working with local artists and In Toto – a visual storytelling firm with an invitation to elevate and celebrate contemporary design and aesthetics. Azamit is one of the leading voices in Quebec (and Canadian) in the design, beauty and fashion community.

Ludwig Ciupka - CCO and co-founder of TUX Creative Co.

At age 19, Ludwig established his own photo studio. After a couple of years behind the lens, he co-founded TUX in 2011. Since then, he’s led the agency’s creative department, which now has a team of 70 artisans, including graphic designers, copywriters, video editors, illustrators, and 3D artists. He’s put his creative expertise to use on brands like L’Oréal, Uber, Van Houtte, Elizabeth Arden, and Aubainerie. His work has been awarded internationally, including a Cannes Lions for his Dermablend campaign featuring Zombie Boy.

On top of being a prominent figure on the awards circuit, his voice and know-how have also captured the attention of the film world. His first feature, iFeel, has been shown at festivals across the globe to much acclaim. Ludwig is always looking for new ways to express himself, so a fascination with technology should come as no surprise. He believes the digital realm offers untapped opportunities to tell compelling brand stories.

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