Multidisciplinary 3D artist

If GPU rendering, C4D R20 and RedShift Bloom & Glare mean something to you, this is your dream job. Read on.

We are currently looking for a strong minded creative geek that is not afraid to tackle new challenges and will search for new tricks if need-be. Every member of our team is autonomous, multidisciplinary and entrepreneur and we expect the same from you. You will render architectural concepts, model objects, create cinematic scenes, animate weird stuff... Expect to do it all as you sit at our table with equally passionate and talented people.

Your Role

On one hand, you will be asked to elevate 3ds Max and SketchUp scenes created (by our architecture team by converting then to C4D and texturing, lighting, animating and rendering them), while on the other hand, you will often be asked to take part in concepting and creating 3D assets of all sorts for our content production department. In other words, you will be wearing many hats and each day will bring a different project.


Meticulous photorealistic renderings
Knowledge of 3ds Max & Cinema 4D
Knowledge of Redshift & Corona
Knowledge of After Effects
Knowledge of photography is a plus
Knowledge of motion design and/or editing is a bonus, but not required
Knowledge of current visual trends and techniques
Keen on learning more autonomously


Experience in architectural renderings
Experience in 3D animation

3D Rendering of Shoe

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