Media Digital Director

Who’s TUX?

Founded in Montréal, TUX is a creative agency that aims to set new stands in communication and brand image through a smart mix of talents, perspectives and expertise in strategy, graphic design and animation, and environment design. We have in-house production capabilities and a media planning division, which means our structure can handle any mandate from A to Z all within our walls.

As a LGBTQI+, B Corp and Eco-Cert certified company, TUX and its JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) crew are committed to making the daily workplace a diversified, equitable and inclusive environment. Finding a better way of doing business drives our thinking and actions. We actively support the well-being of our employees, community and the environment, and help brands with whom we partner to do the same.

At any moment, you could find yourself campaigning against patriarchy, attending an impromptu guitar jam on a Zoom call or geeking out over motion design techniques.

You at Tux

We are currently recruiting a Digital Media Director looking to build their media strategy in a way that’s different from traditional media agencies, where work is conducted in silos between the creative department, client, and business partners. TUX has developed a unique media strategy method using our agility and entrepreneurial spirit, which transforms partner relations and client performance.

This role demands the ability to think strategically, understanding each client’s challenges, brand universe, industry, and business goals. It’s about blending strategy with solid research and relevant data to better understand clients, their environment, and consumers. This role requires a global approach and ability to develop and write strategies that respond to a client’s marketing goals. Whether it’s to create a campaign plan or annual strategic planning, candidates will possess a multi-channeled media approach that includes effective and measurable tactics.

The person occupying this role must display leadership, the ability to listen, and empathy towards their team. They will use their talents to take charge of each individual team member’s development and act as a mentor.

Hard Skills


  • Entrepreneur: You are autonomous and love to plan everything from A to Z, presenting media plans and strategic recommendations directly to clients. You take charge and are always on the lookout for new partners.
  • Detective: You have an innate ability to detect, analyse, and interpret rich informative data in an inspiring way. You understand how to maintain an overall view and keep high-level goals in mind, all while maintaining clear comprehension of every campaign detail.
  • Your own boss: You have incredible skill when it comes to planning, developing, and managing campaigns. You are flexible and organized and, now and then, love to stick your headphones on to enjoy the calm and pull out your end-of-campaign reports to see what you did right and what can be improved.

Client management and product love

  • Teacher: You help clients develop a multidisciplinary approach to help guide them to the right tools and teams at TUX. You are always in teaching mode to show clients how to elevate their product to new levels.
  • Team player: You are always in team-player mode with clients.
  • Creative: You love leading brainstorming and strategic planning sessions, and you ensure goals are always met.

Soft skills

  • Collaboration: We want you to consciously put your ego aside and extend your hand while keeping your mind open each day. You must have faith that, by taking your hands off the wheel a little, you’ll ultimately come out a winner. Collaboration is our magic ingredient – it needs time to simmer to properly enhance the other ingredients.
  • Curiosity: Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, the same advice applies: By recognizing your limits of your experience and establishing reasonable expectations with your co-workers, you’ll help create a safe environment where everyone can learn.
  • Perseverance: When you adopt a positive attitude and the proper mindset, each project becomes an opportunity for change, creativity and maybe even disruption. Perseverance makes great dreams possible.
  • Caring: At TUX, we look after our co-workers’ well-being by keeping a caring eye on each other. Since our different areas of expertise form a single service, we are aware of the effort that goes into the projects we are tasked with, which we treat with the same care. We also ensure all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted, so we pass the baton smoothly to the next team in the project.

What’s next

As for any job offer of this type, we’re looking for the classic profile: fluent in French and English, with agency experience, studies and/or experience in a related field and pertinent to the role, values that match those of the agency, inspired by the work we do, etc. If this sounds like you, send us your info at

Keep in the loop (no nagging, promised).