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We’re looking for team players who will bring their a-games, and people who think that you can do badass work and still do good. Are you driven to create work that drives culture forward? Do you know how to be ambitious without being a total prick? Read on.

Senior brand innovator

At TUX, the position of senior brand innovator is a blend of the traditional roles of senior art director and creative director. The size of the agency and its desire to remain agile inspired this more modern approach which gives the senior brand innovator a hands-on role, benefiting from almost complete creative trust. 

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Senior copywriter (English)

We’re looking for an English copywriter to partner with an art director. You’ll be responsible for developing advertising and interactive projects, from the first scribbles to crafting the perfect tagline. You master heartbreakingly touching, knee-slapper funny, and awe-inspiring. In one sentence. OK, just kidding. Although a client might ask for that.

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TUX-Senior Interior Designer

Senior Interior Designer

We are looking for a senior interior designer able to oversee a team on commercial projects such as branded spaces, retail, merchandising. This leader will be asked to elevate the output of its creative team while assuring a smooth project deployment and client relashionship.

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TUX - Interior designer

Junior interior designer

We are looking for a space designer able to imagine brand environments, merchandising, temporary architecture... And wanting to participate in the creative and technical development of all project phases.

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TUX-Studio Design

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