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At TUX, we value the employee experience above all else and we steadfastly believe that happy talents, along with a case-by-case approach that fosters growth, can create exceptional projects. Here, the ego is left behind and it's with openness and curiosity that we all succeed, together and with our clients, facing ever more surprising challenges. If this philosophy appeals to you and you want to grow with heart and courage alongside genuine humans, there may be a position for you down this list.

360 Digital Media Strategist

We are looking for a 360 Digital Media Strategist to ensure the planning, management, and optimization of media investments for our clients.

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Motion Designer

Our Motion Designer is part of the post-production team, responsible for conceptualizing and implementing the realization of visual content and design into 2D and 3D.

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Media Digital Director

We are currently recruiting a Digital Media Director looking to build their media strategy in a way that’s different from traditional media agencies, where work is conducted in silos between the creative department, client, and business partners.

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Creative director

For TUX, a Creative Director is first and foremost someone who structures and reflects. They also avoid easy answers, as their role is to ensure creative work always takes it one step further.

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Art Director

With us, the role of Art Director is absolutely hands on. Whether for 360 campaigns or for branded platforms, the goal is always to find the idea or the approach that will stand out, which will create impact.

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Client Partner

We are currently looking for a Client Partner who knows how to build true business relationships based on collaboration and empathy. This person will roll up their sleeves to solve complex issues by identifying the right colleagues/partners to elevate the quality of our projects.

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CGI Creative Director

TUX is rapidly growing and now more than ever willing to push its creative boundaries and explore in search for the unseen. As we seek to further elevate our creative output, we are looking for a creative director to oversee integrated production at TUX. This hands-on leadership role is meant to bring support to the existing teams in place.

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Graphic Designer

At TUX, the graphic designer wears two hats: their own, plus that of an artistic director. Their ideas are original and pertinent, their curiosity is boundless and rigour unfailing. With an eye to fostering a collaborative culture and to push creative limits, the graphic designer works closely with the artistic directors and creative director, peers who act as valuable mentors.

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English Copywriter

At our agency, copywriting is a core craft. Whether for a 360 campaign or brand platform, the goal is always the same: Find the big idea that is going to stand out, make a mark and get the message across.

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