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We’re looking for team players who will bring their a-games, and people who think that you can do badass work and still do good. Are you driven to create work that drives culture forward? Do you know how to be ambitious without being a total prick? Read on.
3d Artist

Multidisciplinary 3D artist

Part/Full time

If G/CPU rendering, C4D v.R20 and RedShift Bloom & Glare mean something to you, this is your dream job. Hit the button below.

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Editing Room

Video Editor (and Motion Designer)

Part/Full time

Tu considères être un monteur talentueux et tu as aussi les compétences pour faire du motion design trendy? Tu penses être un artiste vidéo complet et un expert en post? Ce poste est pour toi!

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Senior Art Director

Full Time

At TUX, we call this position 'senior brand innovator' as it is a blend of the traditional roles of senior art director and creative director. The size of the agency and its desire to remain agile inspired this more modern approach which gives the senior brand innovator a hands-on role, benefiting from almost complete creative trust. 

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Senior creative team

We’re looking for a creative team (art director and copywriter) who know each other so well they can finish each other’s sentences - and drawings. You’ll be responsible for developing advertising and interactive projects, from the first scribbles to overseeing colour grading in post. If you’re in touch with the latest technological and cultural trends, but also know how to craft a traditional ad for your mom, we’d like to hear from you.

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TUX-Senior Interior Designer

Senior Interior Designer

We are looking for a senior interior designer able to oversee a team on commercial projects such as branded spaces, retail, merchandising. This leader will be asked to elevate the output of its creative team while assuring a smooth project deployment and client relashionship.

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TUX-Studio Design

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We’re always looking for talents of all sorts, especially from non-traditional backgrounds. (Horse whisperers might have a hard time). Drop us a line or camp outside the office until you get a job.

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