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Musicians and miscellaneous talents

The development of Aubainerie (fashion retailer) campaigns is largely inspired by the discovery of Quebec-based talents. Talents sought are varied, and we probably didn’t think of yours! Does your authenticity transcend the screen? Make sure you meet one of the following sample size requirements (no age limit). Surprise us!

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Babies for fashion photoshoots (9-24 months)

Babies grow up fast! Our bank is constantly evolving to meet the different needs of our clients. Girl and boy babies wearing clothing size 9-12 months are expected to be able to maintain a sitting position and babies wearing clothing size 18-24 months should be able to walk.

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Become the next big thing.

We are constantly looking for new faces of all sorts.

We produce a wide range of campaigns, content and material for which we always need new faces and stories. Sometimes we even build ideas around a charismatic person or someone with a unique look. Whether you have an identical twin, a face full of piercings, or more attitude than a drag queen, you could be the right fit for a project. Heck, even if you’re so average you constantly get mistaken for someone else, we might be able to use you.

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Mature women (aged 45-75)

Beauty does not age and mature women represented by artists' agencies are scarce. We are constantly looking for women aged 45 to 75, from all ethnic backgrounds, for current or future beauty projects. Healthy skin (fine lines), gray or white hair an asset.

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Skin concerns & tattoos

Models sought for cosmetic campaigns specialized in covering skin concerns and tattoos. Men and women aged 16 to 75 (vitiligo, albinism, redness, veins, birthmarks, scars, acne, stretch marks, etc.).

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