Van Houtte —
Getting the blend right

Van Houtte —
Getting the blend right

For the launch of its new image, Van Houtte wished to publicly reclaim what they stood for. Our fully integrated campaign brought century-old expertise to life in a totally contemporary manner.

Introducing the new branding.

How do you take a brand that's dormant brand, yet well-known in Quebec, and make it top-of-mind across the country? By reconnecting Canadians with the brand’s forgotten USP; its master roaster expertise. Our Taste Every Nuance campaign did this across a multitude of platforms.

TUX - Van Houtte - Cinemagraph

Out of home

For the Canadian OOH rollout, we imagined a campaign that would put forward the brand’s ‘masstige’ master roaster positioning. Rich and efficient visuals demonstrated the brand’s expertise and know-how in high-traffic areas across the country. The intention was also to proudly present the new packaging to consumers.

Awakening emotion with Van Houtte.

Despite awareness of Van Houtte coffee, Canadians no longer carried the brand in their hearts. With the TV campaign, we decided we would tackle the subject of emotion and reveal this side of the brand to our consumers. We put forward the story of distant family members having coffee over a Skype call. We used this context to introduce the complexity of our rich and nuanced coffees.

While the cinematic treatment brought Van Houtte into the 21st century, the goal was also to make the story feel authentic and honest. The moody lighting, shadows and gold highlights were employed to give the brand a visual voice for TV, in line with the new branding direction.

Van houtte

“It is such a privilege to partner with the team at TUX. They are able to create great emotional work that hits you in the gut – and always on-brand. ”

— Ron Szekeley
Innovation & Intelligence Director, Keurig Canada

TUX - Van Houtte - Cinemagraph

The results.

The Taste Every Nuance campaign evoked interest and brought joy to Van Houtte customers and non-customers alike, with higher-than-average appreciation scores, helping to reconnect Canadians with the richness of this century-old coffee company.

top-of-mind online.

Van Houtte Website

Driving traffic with content here, there - everywhere.

Not only did we refresh Van Houtte’s website to suit their new branding, but we also took the opportunity to transform it into a hub for our far-reaching online content strategy.

From tips & tricks on Facebook to recipes on Pinterest and Instagram, we imagined a series of content to drive traffic to the brand website. The new website and content strategy immersed our users in Van Houtte’s know-how and artistry with a curated space to explore.

A world of content: from the bean to the cup.

Our content strategy was built around several objectives; to increase brand awareness, engagement and differentiation.

Followers were able to savor everything, from recipe how-to’s featuring coffee as the star ingredient or accompaniment par excellence, to tasty coffee culture tidbits collected from coast to coast. Other content drew attention to the emotional connection people have with their coffee and its role in their daily lives. Finally, the brand’s main differentiator, its ‘master roaster’ positioning, was expressed by sharing a deep knowledge of everything coffee; from the bean to the cup.

We created a feast for the senses.

Not only did we surf the online foodie craze with the creation of appealing imagery pushed onto social platforms, but we also gave foodies even more content on the website, where each recipe was beautifully broken down into easy-to-follow steps. This made our pages even more interesting for them to share and bookmark!

In a world lead by visual dopamine, to be appealing to the eye was at the center of our strategy.

“Nobody makes our dollars work like TUX.”

— Joseph Souiad
Directeur of Purchasing, Keurig Canada

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