OMsignal —
Shaping startup success

OMsignal —
Shaping startup success

The Challenge

OMsignal, a Montreal-based startup, asked us to launch the first collection of bio-sensing apparel to track performance, health and fitness.

Cool, right? But how do you gain traction in two highly competitive markets (sports apparel and wearable technology) while convincing consumers to invest in a pre-sale campaign for a new type of product that they have never heard of and cannot try?

The Idea

You. Empowered.

You. In tune.
You. In command.
You. In progress.
You. Empowered.

Based on the "knowledge is power" positioning, we developed “You. Empowered.”, a campaign that introduced OMSignal’s bio-sensing shirts as a step up from the traditional wearable wristband approach.

A teaser video inspired by George Orwell’s 1984 was sent to sport and tech editors in an attempt to cut through the clutter, spark interest and introduce bio-sensing shirts to the wearable conversation as a mould-breaker.

Video Campaign


Online launch.

The positive press response from the video teaser gave us the necessary thrust to launch the digital pre-order platform to the public.

The blessing from notable players brought a sense of trust to our promise. These stamps of approval reassured early adopters enough for them to make a pledge.


Delivering excitment.

The moment when consumers finally get your product in hand is a make-it-or-break-it kinda deal.

We believe a strong brand experience only works effectively and triggers word of mouth if it trickles all the way down through every touchpoint in a way that continues to surprise. After months awaiting their pre-order, consumers needed to be presented with a bold tactile experience that would live up to their expectations. We delivered them an unboxing experience they couldn't forget.

Smart shirt, smart packaging.

Because backers could order kits of different types and size (one, two or three shirts and vests), we created a one-of-a-kind responsive shipping box that could vary in height depending on the number of recycled cardboard layers that were added to it.

This practical twist was complemented by the inclusion of metallic tear sleeves that gave consumers the feeling they were opening high-tech gear that would be more at home in outer space.

"We jokingly refer to the ‘before and after’ TUX eras. That’s the kind of impact they had on our company."

— Stephane Marceau, CEO

Digital Content

Guiding motivation.

Because the product is fairly complicated to use and set at a high price point, we wanted to make sure we assisted new consumers throughout their journey (avoiding drop-offs and frustration).

The first step was to embed a welcome video within the app itself that would serve as an introductory guide.

TUX - Om Signal - training

Keeping up with the pace.

To further our customer’s investment in the brand, we launched a series of training videos that were made available directly through the app. The videos were specifically built to showcase the full potential of the OMsignal smart shirt.

Since our target consisted mostly of high-earning businessmen, the videos were set to inspire them with a balanced lifestyle and pristine environment. Our goal was to make them feel part of an elite training club.

The influence

A clear product promise delivered through a unique brand voice not only gave OMsignal strong brand equity in this emerging market, but also prompted

$10M in private investment + a product partnership with Ralph Lauren for the US Open.

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