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In order to bring our most ambitious projects to life, the production team is there to guide the creative teams in the development of their concepts and to find creative solutions to realize them. Being at the center of the interaction between the different departments, the production team is responsible for keeping the creative aligned throughout the production process while guiding the different internal and external stakeholders in the delivery of the projects. It is a resourceful team, both on the field and through its internal work methodology.

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Mission: The person we are looking for is solid, grounded, and knows where he/she is going. He/she understands the reality of the field and excels in upstream work, i.e. managing budgets, schedules, collective agreements (UDA, ACTRA, AQTIS), and legal aspects related to production. With strong communication skills, he/she is able to guide people through the various stages of production.


Desired qualities:

  • You are comfortable with numbers and are able to follow a tight budget. You are rigorous with your methodology and structured enough to get things done. You are familiar with legal contracts (ACTRA, UDA, etc.) and you are not afraid of managing invoices.
  • You are curious and able to find a solution to anything. You’ll look for what you need and the right people to work with.
  • A master communicator: You can take the lead on set when you’re on location. You can work with creative teams and client partnerships with ease. You speak clearly and don’t miss an opportunity to educate your peers on good production practices.
  • A ray of sunshine: You know yourself, you know how to control your emotions and your adrenaline. You are positive, patient and know how to roll up your sleeves when needed.

What does working at TUX mean? It means daily opportunities to go above and beyond – in the congenial company of talented and, above all, caring people. It means drawing inspiration from creativity mornings, learning from lunchtime training sessions, and benefiting from justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion workshops. It means pursuing your professional development with a career plan personalized to your strengths and aspirations. It means ensuring your well-being thanks to a 4-day work week – after all, there’s more to life than work. TUX is where you can thrive and flourish!

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